Three Chemical Cleaner Options for Blocked Residential Drains

Clogged drains can occur due to poor usage of bathrooms and sinks as well as ineffective cleaning practices. If this plumbing problem is not resolved with haste, it will result in issues such as flooding of wet areas, unpleasant odours and contamination of your house. There are different methods which can be applied in clearing out blocked drains. One of the most popular options is the use of chemical drain cleaners. As implied, these are consumer products with specialised chemicals which can unclog drains and prevent the recurrence of the problem. Here are the primary forms of chemical drain cleaners that you should understand if you are thinking about using this solution.

Oxidising Cleaners

Oxidising cleaners contain special chemical compounds which have an oxidising effect. In general, oxidation is the process through which a specific molecule loses electrons and becomes degraded. Typically, this type of cleaner performs its function by removing electrons from the pertinent clogs. This causes the solid material in the drain pipe to break down and dissolve, leaving a clear pipe. When shopping for an oxidising cleaner, look for products containing materials such as sodium hypochlorite and peroxides. These are particularly useful if your drains are blocked by scum and hair. You should note that oxidising products are considerably mild, so they will not deal with tougher blockages.

Caustic Cleaners

Caustic or alkaline drain cleaners are highly effective for clearing drains with oily or greasy blockages. These consumer products are manufactured with active ingredients such as sodium hydroxide, which is more commonly known as lye. This type of cleaner carries out its purpose through different processes, including exothermic reactions and saponification. The former involves the release of heat which melts greases and oils, and the latter is the chemical breakdown of fats and proteins due to the caustic nature of the cleaner. Alkaline drain cleaners are useful in handling both kitchen and bathroom clogs, which normally contain oils and hair.

Acidic Cleaners

As implied, acidic drain cleaners contain high concentration of acid constituents, usually sulphuric acid. This product is highly corrosive in nature, so it can dissolve almost any type of material forming a drainage clog, including papers. On the other hand, acid cleaners are extremely hazardous for homeowners to utilise without supervision. In simple terms, sulphuric acid can react explosively with water, causing serious injuries. Therefore, this type of chemical should be only utilised by licensed and experienced plumbers.

Chemical cleaners can cause pipe damage and degradation, so these products should not be used frequently. Talk with professional blocked drain clearing companies for more options and information.