What to do as you wait for an emergency plumber to arrive

As a homeowner, you will from time to time find your house in situations that call for emergency plumbing intervention. Emergencies such as a leaking tap, a leaking toilet, or a burst pipe can bring things to a standstill that you cannot afford to tolerate until the next day. But besides having the privilege of a plumber who can respond to your need around the clock, there is a level of personal initiative you need to engage as you wait for the plumber to arrive. This post will discuss some of these initiatives that will facilitate the smooth flow of the plumbing services you are expecting.

Get to the root of the problem 

Plumbing emergencies vary in how they begin. If you are not facing a blown out pipe, you need to look for the source of the issue. You will need to follow the flow of the running water and get to its origin. That way, you will be better placed to have more accurate information to give to the plumber when they come so that you can ease their work.

Shut off the water

Another thing you need to do as you wait for the expert to arrive is shut down the source of the water. You need to locate the shutoff valve and shut it down so that you can mitigate the extent of the damage. You have to take this step because continued leakage can lead to the weakening and damaging of your house and other valuable assets.

Assess the damage

As you wait for the plumber to arrive, you need to take stock of the damage the leakage has already caused. By understanding the extent of the damage, you will be better placed to give more accurate details to your plumber even before they land on the scene. This info will help them to come prepared while having a better picture of things on the ground.

Sort the affected place to stop further damage

In the process of waiting for the plumber's arrival, you ought to clean up the affected area. You have to wipe off all stationary waters to keep the affected section as dry as possible. You also need to inspect to see if the water has entered any fissure or corner in your house and dry them too. Additionally, you have to rid the floor of any items and safely store them away so that it does not keep the floor damp.