Boiler Maintenance: Why it Counts

Many people can go years between having any incidents with their boiler, but that is no reason to avoid having it serviced regularly. Boiler maintenance can pick up issues before they get worse, which means saving money in the long run. It avoids the cost of replacing a faulty boiler or having to fork out for expensive repairs. A full hot water service that is conducted annually should keep both your home's water system and central heating operating well for the year to come. Why is it essential to have your boiler inspected by a qualified engineer?

Household Safety

Although extremely reliable devices which have a good many safety features built into them, boilers can be deadly if they become blocked or start producing noxious gases. One of the most serious things that you can face in your home is a boiler that is leaking carbon monoxide. This odourless gas is a potential killer which you may not even notice is making you feel sick.

If your boiler produces carbon monoxide in sufficient quantities, then it will make you feel nauseous, cause vomiting, and may even make you fall into a coma. The primary reason to keep your boiler in top condition with a regular maintenance regime is to prevent a potentially disastrous accident from occurring.

Efficient Working

Over time, nearly all boilers will perform less well than they used to. Just like a regular check-up of your car's motor, servicing will help your boiler work to its optimum level. Boilers that run inefficiently use more fuel to heat the same amount of water. Therefore, skimping on a simple maintenance check could be costing you hundreds of dollars a year in wasted fuel.

Insurance Compliance

Most homeowners have a contents insurance policy which covers their personal belongings from destruction by fire. Equally, your buildings policy should provide adequate cover for structural damage that might occur from a faulty boiler. Not having your boiler inspected by a professional engineer can mean that the terms and conditions of both such policy types are not being met.

Private landlords will also often have a clause in their insurance policies that mean tenants' boilers need to be checked at least once a year. Without this, they can face receiving no pay out if a claim needs to be made. Worst still, landlords may even face prosecution in some states because their tenants' boilers have not received the necessary inspections under law.

For more information, talk to a hot water service.