Is Your Tankless Heater Leaking? Here Are Possible Reasons Why

When it comes to hot water installation, a large number of homeowners have opted to switch to tankless heaters due to the array of benefits they offer. Firstly, tankless heaters do not take up space as much as their tank counterparts do, making them perfect for any household, small or large. Secondly, tankless heaters warm water as needed rather than store the water, so you get to have on utility costs too. Nevertheless, just like their tank counterparts, tankless heaters are vulnerable to problems from time to time. And one of the typical reasons why you may need a plumber to check out your appliance is spontaneous leaks. The following piece looks at a few possible causes why your tankless heater is leaking. 

Exposure to hard water

Numerous households in Australia have to contend with hard water. This water is characterised by having a high mineral content, which can lead to clogs and blockages in your plumbing. The same way that scale will affect the inner lining of your plumbing hardware is the same way it will accumulate inside your tankless heater too. As a result, the tankless heater starts to overheat, which can cause some components to burn and lead to subsequent leaks. The first thing you should do is have your plumbing technician check the hardness of your water by testing the pH levels. Secondly, you may have to replace your tankless heater and then use a water softener to prevent this problem from cropping up again.

High water pressure

While high water pressure is something most homeowners will want from their plumbing, too much pressure can adversely affect your tankless heater. These appliances are designed to work with a low water flow rate. When the water pressure is excessive, it exerts excessive pressure onto the tankless heater. Continual pressure will negatively influence the components inside the tankless heater, leading to continuous leaks. It is advisable to have your plumber come and correct the pressure and repair any damage that your tankless heater has acquired.

A malfunctioning relief valve

The relief valve is a crucial safety feature in your tankless water heater. This component is tasked with ensuring excess water pressure is alleviated so that the tankless heater's elements are not exposed to unnecessary damages. Nonetheless, with time, your tankless heater's relief valve can acquire mechanical damage that will prevent it from functioning correctly. Additionally, the relief valve could also rust over time, which diminishes its function. Fortunately, your local plumber only needs to find the right sized valve and replace it for you.