4 Types of Plumbing Problems That Require the Services of an Emergency Plumber

Every homeowner should know the difference between plumbing problems that can wait for a standard business day and those that require urgent attention. If the problem can wait, then it isn't a true plumbing emergency.

With that said, it is not always clear when you should contact an emergency plumber. Highlighted below are some common plumbing issues that constitute plumbing emergencies.

Burst Pipes

One of the most annoying and disastrous plumbing emergencies you can experience in your home is burst pipes. They tend to be more prevalent in the wintertime than other times of the year because the sub-zero temperatures can cause water to freeze inside the water supply pipes. When this happens, the water can exert an immense amount of pressure on the internal walls of the water pipes, causing them to burst and gush out lots of water.

Aside from wasting clean water, burst pipes can cause costly water damage to your house and encourage the growth of mould and mildew.  If you ever encounter this problem, call an emergency plumber immediately! Also, make sure proper water damage remediation is performed once the problem has been contained.

Water Supply Problems

Getting clean water at a good pressure is a necessity for every home. This is why any issue with your residential water supply is worth being looked into post-haste. 

Whether your taps have run dry, the water pressure has decreased or the water coming out of your faucets looks dirty, all water supply issues in your home should be treated as plumbing emergencies.

Overflowing Toilet

Does the water level in your toilet bowl rise to the brim and perhaps even overflow every time you flush the toilet? This not only constitutes a plumbing emergency but a health hazard as well.

Surely, you can't afford to have black water backing up and overflowing in your house! Contact an emergency plumber to ensure quick fixing of the problem.

Sewer Backup

Just like overflowing toilets, backed-up sewer lines also pose a health hazard to households. However, they have the potential to render your entire residential drainage system inoperative and can also cause costly damage to your property.

If you ever experience any of the above-highlighted plumbing problems in your home, contact an emergency plumber immediately. Timely intervention is essential to get your plumbing system working at its best again and to avoid expensive plumbing repairs. Because you can't tell when you'll require the services of an emergency plumber, it is best to find one beforehand.