5 Tankless Water Heater Advantages Every Homeowner Should Know About

Are you looking for the perfect hot water system for your new residential build? Water heaters are designed to provide hot water at various faucets and appliances in a house, but which type is right for you?

There are numerous kinds of water heaters available on the market. Before you choose a particular type for your home, you should ensure it is the best option available. Tank-based water heaters remain homeowners' most popular choice for hot water supply, but tankless versions are increasingly gaining popularity due to the unique advantages they offer.

If you are considering installing a tankless hot water system in your new home, check out the following benefits that it can deliver.

1. Heats water on demand.

Unlike conventional tank-based water heaters, which heat water when you run out of hot water, tankless heaters only heat water when you turn on your faucets or water-using appliances. That explains why these water heating systems are referred to as on-demand systems.

2. Saves energy and cuts energy costs.

Since tankless water heaters don't run non-stop, you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money on heating water. Your hot water system will run only when it is in use and not merely because the water in your tank has turned cold.

3. Takes less space.

Tankless water heaters are a space-saving option for homeowners because they don't require a tank to store hot water. The omission of a water tank also helps to reduce the cost of water heater installation because it reduces the amount of work that hot water system plumbers have to do when installing your water heater.

4. Lasts longer.

Conventional storage water heaters are designed to last about a decade, but they can't outlast the latest tankless water heaters in today's market. If you intend to stay put over the long term, the extended life of an on-demand heater could be a deciding factor. 

5. Can provide continual hot water.

Although tankless water heaters may not be the best option for keeping up with multiple simultaneous water demands, they can provide endless hot water for smaller families that don't use a lot of water on a typical day.

Before buying a tankless water heater for your home, it is important to consult a hot water system installation contractor beforehand. They will assess your needs and help you determine if this water heater type is right for you.