Completing a Leaking Tap Repair: A Guide

If you're looking for info about repairing a leaking tap, you have come to the right place. This article provides a step by step guide to how a plumber will repair a leaking tap in a residential home.

Turn off the mains

The plumber will first turn off the main water valve that is located near your water meter. This is to prevent water from flowing into your home while repairing or replacing the tap.

Check the pipes

Once the main water valve has been turned off, if the tap has been leaking through a faulty copper pipe, it will need to be replaced. The plumber will remove the copper pipe and attach a new one instead. They can then secure it using new screws and tighten them before turning on the water supply again.

Remove the tap handle

If the pipes are OK, the plumber will then turn their attention to the tap itself. They will loosen and remove the nut that holds down the tap handle. This will give easy access to the screws that need to be removed.

Remove the spindle

Once the tap handle has been removed, the plumber will then be able to see the spindle that lies behind the tap. It is at this point they will need to remove the spindle using a wrench. This can also be done by unscrewing it using fingers or a pair of pliers. Once it has been removed, the plumber will inspect the washer behind it for signs of damage that could be causing the leak. If there is any damage, they will replace the washer.

Replace the spindle

If the spindle is damaged, the plumber will then replace the spindle with a brand new one. The plumber will then make sure that it is secured tightly before rebuilding the tap.

Check for leaks

To make sure that there are no leaks before turning off the main water valve again, the plumber will then turn on the water supply again so they can inspect if there are any leaks in your tap or your plumbing system. When doing this, the plumbing contractor will leave the water running for several minutes so he can carefully monitor the tap and pipes for any signs of dripping water.

If you would like further advice, you should contact a local plumbing service. A plumbing contractor will be more than happy to offer all of the help and assistance you may need.