Why Is Your Toilet Leaking?

A leaking household toilet leak can waste up to 60,000 litres of water in a year. Unless you're attentive, toilet leaks are hard to detect, especially if the leaks are silent. If your toilet is hard-to-flush, produces odd noises or flows continuously, you probably have a leaky toilet. Discover the main causes of leaks in your toilet and how to resolve them. Condensation on the Tank Pooling water around the toilet does not necessarily indicate a plumbing leak.

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire Experts for Water Heater Installation Over DIY

Watching YouTube tutorials may give you a sense of confidence to want to undertake water heater installation as a DIY project. While it may seem like you are saving some money going the DIY way, there are several reasons why you should leave it to the professionals. Some top reasons to hire an expert for your water heater installation project include the following. Ensure Code Compliance There are certain laws and codes to be complied with during water heater installation and repair to ensure your heater performs properly and safely.

3 Reasons Why Your Taps Are Leaky

Leaky taps are one of the peskiest plumbing issues that you can experience in your home. In addition to wasting water and increasing your domestic utility bills, they can encourage mould growth and cause significant structural damage to your residential property.  The good news is that problems with a leaking tap can be resolved by either repairing the problematic tap itself or replacing the entire tap assembly. But why do tap leaks occur in the first place?

Helpful Tips for Using a Rainwater Filtration System

You and your family members might have decided that you are interested in collecting and filtering rainwater. After all, you might be aware of the fact that this is legal in many areas in Australia, and it might be something you're interested in as a part of your quest to live a more affordable, natural, and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Of course, you might be completely new to collecting and filtering rainwater, so you might have started doing some online searching so that you can get more information.

5 Energy Saving Tips for a New Hot Water System Installation

A new hot water system provides you with an opportunity to lower your energy use. This is a good thing both financially and for the environment. 1. Opt for Electronic Ignition Instant hot water heater systems feature one of two ignition systems. The traditional method was the pilot light system, which meant that a small amount of gas flow was maintained and burned off by the system between uses. Modern systems use an electronic ignition, which means there is no need for constant gas flow or a pilot light.