Common Causes And Tell-Tale Signs Of A Burst Pipe

A burst pipe can do significant damage to your home, particularly if it's not addressed promptly. It can raise the humidity in your home and cause mould and mildew to develop. The surrounding walls, ceiling or flooring may be damaged beyond repair and require replacement, and a long-standing leak can even damage the foundations of your home. Here's an overview of the common causes and tell-tale signs of a burst pipe:

How to Reduce Reliance on a Heat Pump's Booster Switch and Lower the Cost of Water Heating

A heat pump water heater uses heat from the ambient air for water heating. It does not consume any fuel for heating, which leads to significant cost savings. However, when there is inadequate hot water, you have to use the unit's booster switch for electrical water heating. As a result, the unit consumes power to heat water and raises your electric bill. If you are buying a heat pump water heater, use these tips to reduce reliance on the booster switch and save money on water heating.

4 Reasons for a Gas Hot Water System Failure

Gas water heaters are common in Australian homes because they work well, are low maintenance, and are efficient. If your gas system is failing to heat the water properly, then it is time to schedule a service call. Fortunately, most causes of poor heating are easily and quickly repaired. 1. Ignitor Failure The ignitor is what lights the gas to produce the heat in the burner that will warm the water. Most gas heaters are controlled by an electric ignition system, so an electrical short could result in failure to ignite and heat.

Why Is Your Toilet Leaking?

A leaking household toilet leak can waste up to 60,000 litres of water in a year. Unless you're attentive, toilet leaks are hard to detect, especially if the leaks are silent. If your toilet is hard-to-flush, produces odd noises or flows continuously, you probably have a leaky toilet. Discover the main causes of leaks in your toilet and how to resolve them. Condensation on the Tank Pooling water around the toilet does not necessarily indicate a plumbing leak.