How to Unblock a Pipe Without Using Chemicals

There are many chemicals available today which are designed to deal with blocked drains. However, these chemicals are often corrosive or toxic which means they can cause serious damage to the environment. You can help to protect the environment by unblocking your drains manually. You will probably not require a plumber to clear a blocked drain. It is often a DIY task which can be carried out with a few basic household tools.

What to do as you wait for an emergency plumber to arrive

As a homeowner, you will from time to time find your house in situations that call for emergency plumbing intervention. Emergencies such as a leaking tap, a leaking toilet, or a burst pipe can bring things to a standstill that you cannot afford to tolerate until the next day. But besides having the privilege of a plumber who can respond to your need around the clock, there is a level of personal initiative you need to engage as you wait for the plumber to arrive.

Three Chemical Cleaner Options for Blocked Residential Drains

Clogged drains can occur due to poor usage of bathrooms and sinks as well as ineffective cleaning practices. If this plumbing problem is not resolved with haste, it will result in issues such as flooding of wet areas, unpleasant odours and contamination of your house. There are different methods which can be applied in clearing out blocked drains. One of the most popular options is the use of chemical drain cleaners.

Starting a Home Pet Grooming Business? Prepare for Plumbing Disaster Before It's Too Late!

Whether you're starting a home pet grooming business to make a little cash on the side or you're an animal lover in search of a career change, you've probably already prepared your house for your new furry arrivals. However, while many new dog groomers remember to protect their furnishings and install the necessary equipment, many forget to make preparations to avoid a common but disastrous problem that grooming can cause: plumbing blockages.

Plumbing Services: Tasks That Should Be Left to the Professionals

One of the issues that are unavoidable as a homeowner is plumbing problems. Since they are inevitable, you will find some individuals assume that they would be better off attending to them on their own rather than hiring a professional. This may work for minor repairs such as tightening of fasteners or dislodging minor clogs. However, if the problem is serious, you should consider hiring a professional instead of taking the risk of exacerbating the problem.