Is Your Tankless Heater Leaking? Here Are Possible Reasons Why

When it comes to hot water installation, a large number of homeowners have opted to switch to tankless heaters due to the array of benefits they offer. Firstly, tankless heaters do not take up space as much as their tank counterparts do, making them perfect for any household, small or large. Secondly, tankless heaters warm water as needed rather than store the water, so you get to have on utility costs too.

How to Protect Your Child From Hot Water Accidents

It's easy for adults to assume that their homes are safe because they haven't had any accidents in them. Things are different, however, when you have children. While you can control what a baby does because they don't actually do a lot of things independently, you need to think about safety more seriously once your child gets older and more able. Hot water can be a serious issue in the home.

Tips for adding plumbing to your outdoor kitchen

Installing an outdoor kitchen is the key to spicing up any barbeque or get-together. An outdoor kitchen brings important supplies within easy reach, and you don't have to keep rushing in and out of the house. Your guests will also find it easier to grab a cold drink or an extra glass. To further spice up your outdoor kitchen, consider adding plumbing features. These features include a sink, water supply and drainage mechanism.

3 Instant Steps to Follow When Your Bathroom Is Submerged in Water

A bathroom emergency can occur at any time of the day, so imagine waking up one morning only to find your bathroom submerged in a pool of water. Whether it's an overflowing toilet or a burst pipeline, plenty of things could go wrong at the most inopportune times. While you cannot change the situation, certain efforts can help to minimise damage to your property. If this happens to you, follow these instant steps:

Hot Water Heater Troubleshooting

Never ignore any problem with your home's hot water heater, as even minor problems may get much worse over time, so that you soon find yourself with no hot water in the home. Ignoring problems may also mean larger repair bills when you do fix an issue with the heater or the need to outright replace this piece altogether. To ensure you keep your home's hot water service functioning as it should, note a few troubleshooting tips, along with recommendations for when you might need to call a plumber to address these needed repairs.